Valley of the Kings (3rd Try)

SIGN-UP: 10:00am (fill out the paperwork)
DEPARTURE: Lake Shore parking lot

We will have a 6 month membership and calendar for Valley of the Kings Sanctuary and Retreat to raffle off at the May meeting just before the ride. It will start the month after the ride. All proceeds from this raffle will go to Valley of the Kings.

Big Cat Adventure-Valley of the Kings Sanctuary
Motorcycles and Cars are Welcome
$25/ per bike or couple
2 adults in a car – $25 per couple
Example: 4 adults in a car – total would be $50
Kids under 12-Free
100% goes to Valley of the Kings Sanctuary-cash or check made out to : Valley of the Kings Sanctuary
We must go in as a group! VOTK is not open to the public so this is a great opportunity to see the Big Cats, Wolves, Bears, Farm Animals and much more up close!  Every animal has a unique story!
Optional: – Bring raw drumsticks in zip lock bags for the lions and tigers, (no frozen drumsticks), Can also bring: carrots, apples, bread and peanut butter, (no high fructose corn syrup in the peanut butter). The bears like peanut butter on bread, carrots and apples for the goats and horses. One of the new federal laws that pertain to VOTK is the drum sticks now have to be given to the cats by the volunteers at VOTK on the tour.  You used to be able to give them to the lions and tigers. It then changed where a wood stick with the drum stick could be given to the lions and tigers by the guests.  It has now been changed where they are given only by the volunteers.  The apples , carrots and peanut butter and bread can still be given by the guests
Waivers and sign in sheet will be signed at Lake Shore HD. I will have adult and children waivers.  Wrist bands will be given out at registration.
We can go in after by 1pm. They will be ready for us.  Bring a puck for your motorcycle for any soft ground. If you park either a bike or car in the street, it must be on the grass.  If your kickstand or tires are on pavement, Valley of the Kings will be fined by the county for $300 per vehicle.  Please make sure you are in the grass if you park on the street. Volunteers will be there for tours and to answer questions.  The stories the volunteers will tell you about the animals will be a memory you will cherish.


Sep 08 2019


10:00 am


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Lake Shore Harley
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Doug Cherry
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