Level 1

A nice, easy going ride. Not too long or challenging with normal road conditions.

  • 100 miles max
  • Usually a rest stop
  • Daylight hours ONLY
  • No expressway/toll roads

Level 2

Some moderate challenges and/or conditions.

  • 200 miles max
  • Rest stops at 50-70 miles
  • May include night rides, all day, some more challenging roads
  • Possibly some expressway/toll roads

Level 3

These are the most challenging types of rides with several, different conditions

  • Over 200 miles
  • Rest stops at 70-100 miles
  • Many types of road conditions (and a different mix for each ride)
    • Early departure, late home return (i.e. 7:30am – 7pm)
    • Challenging roads and conditions
    • Highway, tollway, twisties, back roads, dirt roads, steep graded roads, etc