Pistols, Bikes and Twists… II

ROAD CAPTAINS:  John S / George L
DEPARTURE:   McDonald’s – Rt #176 & River Rd – Island Lake, IL
DESTINATION:   Buffalo Shooting Range – Ottawa, IL
MILEAGE: 210+ round-trip
IMPORTANT: You will need eye and ear protection. They do not rent that at the range. Ear plugs or earmuff over the head are both acceptable. You night glass for riding will suffice for eye protection. 
We all know that we are motorcycle enthusiasts and since we have so many gun enthusiasts in this chapter, its time for a riding/shooting/riding day. We are off the the Buffalo Shooting Range park down in Ottawa. We’ll head down there, stop for a leg stretch at Barbwire HD, spend several hours on the assorted ranges, have some lunch, maybe shoot some more, ride Rt #71 along the Illinois River, then over to Rt #6 into Marseilles for the Middle East Conflict Wall and when we’ve had enough… We’ll head on home and for those interested will end the ride at Dairy Queen in East Dundee for ice cream. This is going to be a blast. LITERALLY… 🙂
Here are the specific’s for shooting.•••  The cost is a flat $30 for the entire day. $25 for veterans and active duty (must have ID). Youths 15 and under costs $15.
••• 2 people can shoot on one FOID card, so you can shoot without having your own FOID card. This means any one can go and shoot. The range will cover us, if we are short on the FOID cards. Be sure to bring your card on that day.
••• If you don’t own a firearm, you can rent a pistol or shotgun for $15 for 2 hours or a rifle for $20 for 2 hours. If you rent a gun from them, you have to buy the ammunition from the range that day. Targets and clay targets are also available for purchase. Everyone is free to bring their own ammo and targets with their personal weapons.
••• They have a pistol range, rifle range, training range, tactical course, trap range and the plinking pit. Plinking is shooting at all kinds of things like stuffed animals, milk jugs, plastic containers and such. whatever you bring… 🙂 Rapid fire is allowed in the plinking pit and must be controlled. The only other place is the tactical course, which you must sign up for when you get there.
••• If you have a concealed weapon, you can bring it on the property, BUT you cannot use it. It must stay concealed. So if you want to shoot that weapon, don’t wear it coming into the range, carry it in. You can do holster drawing in the tactical course, if you sign up for it.
•••  We can park our bikes on the blacktop parking lot and get shuttled down to the range, or we can ride on the gravel rode right down to the range.
••• Double taps and rapid fire only allowed in the Plinking Pit / Tactical course. (all others 2 secs between firing)
••• Staple gun or masking tape is allowed to hang targets
••• There are food vendors on the property.

Please email me with your R.S.V.P. if you are planning on goingmailto:headroadcaptain@lakeshorehog.com


Aug 09 2020


Chapter Rides
McDonald's - Island Lake


McDonald's - Island Lake
600 W State Rd, Island Lake, IL 60042 – Corner of Rt #176 & River Rd
John R Sweeney Jr


John R Sweeney Jr
(847) 651-4469