Activities Card

Chapter Activities Card Guidelines


Q. ) What is the card and where can I get one?

A.) The activity card is an incentive to come and participate in chapter events and rides. The card has 12 spots for initials. The card may be obtained from the membership officer at chapter meetings or from the chapter manager (Carrie) at the dealership.


Q.) How do I get initials and who can I get them from?

A.) Simply bring your card along to events like monthly meetings, the picnic, fall event or any other closed chapter event. During these chapter events any of the officers are allowed to initial your card. You may also get an initial for going on rides. During chapter rides the road captain or sweep for that ride can initial your card, they are not able to do so at other events.


Q.) What do I do when all 12 spots are initialed?

A.) Once all spots are initialed print your first and last name and phone number on the back of the activity card. You may then turn in the card to the membership officer or dealership manager (Victoria) for a new card.


Q.) What happens to all of the cards and what is in it for me?

A.) In October when we register our final mileage for the year all of the completed cards will be gathered and a winning card will be drawn. The dealership provides the winner with an awesome prize. Our first year prize was a complete set of tires and instillation. So by coming out to events and rides and filling up as many cards as possible you are increasing your odds of winning. Remember our goal is to ride and have fun! Who doesn’t love having fun and getting a chance to win something while doing it.